Why Your Business Needs Glass Tinting

No one wants to work in a hot office, but with larger offices the bill for air conditioning will be much higher when the office is kept cool all day. However, with commercial glass tinting, you are able to keep your employees and company pocketbook happy with an easier way to keep the office cool. Commercial glass tinting helps you decrease the heat in your building by 85% and helps keep equal temperatures throughout the building.

Window tinting is very effective. It blocks out over 99% of ultraviolet light, keeping the sunrays out and the space cool. Another benefit is it helps protect your assets by preventing the fading of your flooring or furniture in the office space. If there is merchandise near windows, it will also help protect them from sun damage, so you won’t have to worry about rotating or replacing them. Commercial glass tinting will also help out your employees. The sun often creates bad glares on computer screens, making them hard to look at for extended periods of time. With  glass tinting, prevent glare and help your employees be happier and more productive.

Commercial window tinting also helps to give your company a level of safety. With the glass being dark on the outside, it prevents people from being able to look at what you keep in your building. Glass tinting gives you and your employees a sense of privacy while working because no one can stare through the windows while they work. Tinting also helps with the look of your building making it more uniform and giving it a professional look.

Why Choose Professional Glass Tinting

We have been serving the Omaha and Lincoln area since 1994, doing both residential and commercial window tinting. At Professional Glass Tinting, we offer over 80 different solar films and over 200 different decorative films for your company to choose from. 

To learn more about commercial glass tinting in the Omaha and Lincoln area, call Professional Glass Tinting today!

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