Window Tinting Facts

Add Personality to Your Home or Business with Professional Glass Tinting

Commercial window tinting is a great way for your business to see additional returns. By having the professionals at Professional Glass Tinting add window film to your work space, you decrease the sun’s heat by up to 85%. This means more equal temperatures throughout the building thanks to solar heat reduction. You also decrease utility costs by helping your HVAC system run more efficiently during both the blazing hot and bitterly cold months of Nebraska. A more temperate building is also more welcoming to customers, clients, and business associates.

Another way glass tinting can help save on your investment is by providing protection from fading. Window film blocks 99% of ultra-violet light. These are the harsh rays that cause your furnishing and even your merchandise to fade. Your furnishings will continue to look like new for longer and your merchandise won’t need to be rotated or replaced as often, thus saving money for your business. Something else that doesn’t get worn out: your employees. When the atmosphere is more comfortable, they are going to be more productive. Window tinting also helps reduce up to 94% of the sun’s glare making it easier to view computer screens and other electronic devices. Professional Glass Tinting only installs high-quality window films.

Window tinting also adds safety, security, and privacy to your business. See our Safety Tinting page for more information. But the best reason to have Professional Glass Tinting’s quality staff install window tinting for your office is the professional appearance. Window film can boost the visual representation of your business by creating a uniformed look. When your business looks uniform and clean-cut, it gives customers, clients, and other business contacts more confidence when doing business with you.

If you’re ready to add to your investment, give Professional Glass Tinting a call to schedule your free estimate. We serve Nebraskan businesses in Omaha and Lincoln areas.

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