Decorative & Frosted Window Film

Decorative & Frosted Window Film

Designs on windows or glass doors can really help them stand out, but glass etching or frosted glass can get expensive. Let Professional Glass Tinting give your the windows and glass doors of your Omaha home a new look for less time and money. By adding Decorative Window Tinting, you can have the look of etched or frosted glass without the cost!

Decorative Glass Tinting is available for both residential and commercial buildings. With a huge variety options for frosted glass film, you can find a unique look that is personalized to your style and needs. You can select a layout of any shape, size, or design, or have one of our professionals do it for you. Thanks to the precision of computer cutting, it’s easy to create window film in any design, including your business’s logo or letters. We will do a one-on-one consultation to make sure you know what you’re getting and it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Professional Glass Tinting can do both exterior or interior windows and doors.

Another popular look for glass windows and doors is frosted glass. Our opaque window film can create the same look as frosted glass, adding style and privacy at a more affordable cost. Frosting your glass is one of the ways people create privacy for their home or business. See our Safety Tinting page for more info on how frosted window film can create privacy and improve safety for your home or business in the Omaha or Lincoln area.

Adding Decorative Window Tinting to your Omaha business helps it stand out. You create a sophisticated look for your business when you have something visually appealing across all the windows like your logo or a creative design. At home, decorative window tinting helps you add your own flair and creates a unique decorative element. It also makes it safer for birds with glass that is more visible.

If you’re ready to add some aesthetically appealing visuals to your Omaha home or business, give the staff at Professional Glass Tinting a call. We serve homes and businesses of Eastern Nebraska, including Omaha and Lincoln.