What is Window Film?

Window tinting film is basically a transparent specially coated film that is applied to the interior surface of glass. It’s used as a retrofit for existing glass in homes and commercial buildings in order to upgrade solar control and safety.

How Is Window Film Applied To Glass?

Window film has a unique adhesive on one side that is protected by a clear liner. The liner is removed at the time of installation. Professional window film technicians completely clean and prep the glass prior to installation. Using a special mounting solution, squeegee and trimming blades, they prepare, fit and apply the film to the glass.

What Kind of Window Films Do You Offer?

We offer window films for homes and businesses. The films can be clear, tinted or decorative. We also offer safety and security window films. We provide a multitude of options to fit every home and office’s need.

To What Extent Can Window Film Reduce Heat?

The heat rejection properties of window films we install vary from one product to another. Ask us for detail on how much total solar energy films can reject.

Can Window Film Save Me Money On My Energy Bill?

Residential or commercial window films can help reduce the amount of solar heat gain that comes through your glass. Because of this, it can be easier to cool a room, which can lower energy consumption.

How Do I Maintain the Window Film?

After the curing process, you will not need to provide any special care. Window films can be cleaned safely with mild soapy water or normal glass cleaning products. Use a soft cloth, squeegee, or soft paper towel.