Added Protection

Add Protection to Your Home or Business with Professional Glass Tinting

A huge benefit of window tinting is the privacy and safety it provides. Blinds, shades, and curtains can keep prying eyes out, but can also attract unwanted curiosity as well.

Glass tinting helps keep away trouble. It discourages unwanted attention from possible threats like burglars or shoplifters. We have a range of tint densities from clear to blackout, so you can decide how much you want people on the other side of your window or glass door to see.

By installing glass tinting, you add safety to your Nebraskan home or business. If a window or glass door gets broken or shattered, the window film helps hold the glass together, reducing the amount of dangerous shards. In fact, one square foot of glass can make up to 200 razor-sharp pieces when shattered. All films are considered safe to a degree, but our security film is specially designed for this use. It